Cooking Without Flame

Cooking Without Flame

Fireless cooking not only teaches cooking to children but also teaches some valuable skills of life. This encourages children's creativity, thinking and problem solving skills. With this children improve their knowledge of basic skills like measuring, counting and following the instructions.

Keeping in mind , GITARATTAN INSTITUTE OF ADVANCE STUDIES AND TRAINING organised an activity by which pupil teachers will be able to teach small children how to cook without using gas stoves. Fireless cooking gives the perfect chance to bond with their parents and teachers. They love to experiment with food and need not be afraid of the fire accidents that might happen in the kitchens.

This activity filled the enthusiasm in the children so that the students cook food without getting hurt or fear by fires, and encourages the small children to do so in their class.

The Students thoroughly enjoyed the virtual program and learned a lot. Chocolate banana shake made by RIYA , sprouts made by PRIYANSHI SHARMA , Chocolate shake made by VANDANA SINGH, sukhi bhel made by REETU, kurkure chaat made by SAKSHI.

Everyone did a great job virtually and the activity ended on a very good note.

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