Extension Lecture: Need and Importance of thematic assembly and maintenance of records and time – table.

Extension Lecture: Need and Importance of thematic assembly and maintenance of records and time – table.

“Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.”- WB YEATS

An extension lecture was held on the 25th of August in the Gitaratan Institute of Advanced Studies & Training on the theme of the Importance of thematic assembly and maintenance of records and timetables. The lecture was conducted by Mr. Gulab Singh Sharma who is an educationalist with years of profound experience as headmaster in the directorate of education and deputy secretary of Sanskrit, having completed his master’s and M-Phil from the esteemed Delhi University. The icebreaking session done by sir reiterated the importance of interaction and emphasized the ability to divert from traditional and conventional teaching methods and make the teaching less monotonous. He focused on understanding the emotions and psychology of students as sympathy is imperative.

 Sir enriched the lecture by introducing ‘thematic assembly’ to students which is simply an assembly based on a particular theme. The theme may not be restricted to any curricular topic, it must be diverse, which can be done by taking co-curricular themes, such as poetry, innovation, and technology as well as ‘cultural heritage’. To ensure effective thematic assembly, objectives, selection of topic, and proper research from different sources must be done.

 Later, a brainstorming session was conducted, wherein the students were probed about what must be the basis on which a timetable should be made. Sir focused on the importance of student’s psychology and psychoanalytical factors. Some important key points stated were, to always put heavy subjects at the beginning of the timetable, balance curricular and co-curricular subjects, also manage the work pressure of the teacher. It was emphasized that creating a good timetable is a stepping stone for teachers.

 All the trainees were briefed on the imperativeness of the school records. Sir mentioned some of the important records such as the ‘pupil fund’ record wherein all the fees related to transportation, tuition, and development are recorded. (SMC) School Management Committee record as well as (SSA) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan were also major records of the school stated by sir.

 The extension lecture was riveting as well as engaging. Students were able to reap maximum benefits. The extension lecture was successful as it teemed with knowledge, wisdom, and brainstorming; helping the pupil teachers to understand complex subjects and aiding us in gaining comprehensive knowledge on thematic assembly, timetable, and school records.

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