Mandatory Disclosure - Academic Audit

Academic audit form 2022-23
1. Status of Accreditation
2. Status of Teacher's Availability
3. Quality of Teachers and Teaching
3(a) List of Faculty
3(b) No. of Publication
3(d) No. of Publication in the referred Journal
3(d.i) Ms. Ashima
3(d.ii) Dr. Shikha Ranjan
3(e) Proceeding
3(f) Chapter in Book
3(g) Teaching Plan and TimeTable
3(h) LMS: Our institute uses various online platforms such as Google, WebEx, Zoom, etc
3(i) Classroom with projector
3(j) PPT & Videos
4. institutional support for faculty Development
I. Awards
II. Study Leave
III. Grant Of Fund
5. 5A-5G Committes & Student Counsellor
I. Committees
II. Student Counsellor
6. Institutional support for university Examinations (during the Assessment Year)
7. Status of Library
8. Status of Laboratories
9. Co-curricular Activities conducted by the Institute
Conference, Seminar And FDP Details
9. (a). Conferences organised
9. (b). Seminar's organised
I. Boosting Economy by Streamlining Vocational Education In Schools
II. National Seminar
9. (c). Faculty Development Programmes
9. (d). Workshops / Short Terms Programmes / Webinars/ Online extension
10. Publication Of The Institute
I. E Umaang
II. Gitarattan Journal
III. Journal 2022
IV. Abhivyakti
11. Students Personality Development
I. CCE Activity
II. Counsellor
12. Placement
I. Placement Details
II. Placement Committee
13. General Parameter
14. Feedback Analysis
I. Sample And Analysis Of Faculty
II. Sample And Analysis Of Students

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