Workshop on Mindfulness

Workshop on Mindfulness

Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training recently conducted a comprehensive mindfulness workshop for its B.Ed. 1st trainees. The workshop, led by Assistant Professor Ms. Shelly, aimed to equip students with practical tools to manage stress and anxiety related to upcoming practicals and exams. The session focused on introducing the concept of mindfulness and guiding participants on how to incorporate it into their daily lives.

The workshop began with an insightful exploration of mindfulness, emphasizing its significance in coping with academic pressures and personal challenges. Ms. Shelly, an expert in mindfulness practices and stress management, elucidated the essence of mindfulness, highlighting its potential to enhance concentration, reduce stress, and foster overall well-being.

Participants gained insights into how mindfulness could be integrated into the lives of students, particularly those dealing with the stress of exams and practical assessments. Practical tips and techniques were shared on incorporating mindfulness into daily routines, enabling students to manage stress more effectively.

The workshop also included self-reflective exercises, encouraging attendees to contemplate their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions. The significance of meditation in calming the mind was emphasized, with practical guidance on initiating a personal meditation practice.

In addition to mindfulness practices, the workshop offered a holistic approach by incorporating yoga and various asanas. Participants engaged in practice sessions to experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Ms. Shelly explained the meanings behind specific asanas, linking them to stress reduction and mental clarity.

Practical tips and tricks were shared to help students manage stress during their busy schedules as B.Ed. trainees. Strategies for carving out time for self-care were discussed, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing mental health.

The B.Ed. 1st trainees actively participated in the workshop, demonstrating a keen interest in the subject matter. Interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises kept the participants engaged and allowed for a deeper understanding of mindfulness.

Post-workshop feedback indicated a positive impact on participants, with many expressing gratitude for the practical tools provided. Students reported feeling more equipped to handle stress and anxiety, particularly during demanding periods of academic study.

The mindfulness workshop organized by Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and Training proved to be a valuable resource for B.Ed. trainees, equipping them with practical techniques to manage stress and enhance their overall well-being.

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