Strangers once we were and then, it started with a simple "Hi!" And now, that fateful time is here When we all have to say goodbye. The time that we spent was more than just, A series of memories made, we learnt what it meant to trust someone and every "I'm with you!" is enough said. We don't know what the future holds but our lives are about to completely change but this isn't the end of the book All we're doing is turning a page. The time was ours and together we were I could not be more elated that we met Parties, trips and birthday treats We did it all and now there's no regret. We wish that we'd met sooner It's a little too early for us to part Nevertheless, we've been bound now and forever Yes. We know it in our hearts. We all aspire and our dreams and so as we walk towards those final gates A tear in the eye, yet a smile on the face Now for us, a new journey awaits.


The 10th of February,2024 was as a memorable day in the life of every student of academic year 2022-2024 batch at Gitarattan Institute of Advance Studies and Training, Rohini. The farewell day was filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter, and happiness. The theme for the freshers was “GALAXY’’. Welcoming to this infinite place where mortals found a playground of grace. Among the darkness lay pinpricks of light fighting the shadows in a galactical plight. Blackholes churn out storms of stars forging solar systems for life to make art: Through the pink nebula and stardust paths, beings wait for all the questions to be asked. The universe gives out and then takes back, creating a balance that awaits your soul to depart. Just like dancing meteorites show you the face of what used to be the home for a different race. Planetary systems collide in the beginning butstabilize with the white sun spinning. The elements are finally done - now gravity offers the rules for fun, as planets align and create a tail that forms part of the milky way. Life starts from the beginning as aliens from different star systems come to watch and keep an eye on this distant little rock. Sometimes they say hello! While helping life evolve slow. If you look back in history, other minds tried to tell you so. Look up into the dark night, let the universe fall inside your mind. See beyond the boundaries of this life; seek a journey that will make you hold on tight. Same way our venue was depicting the same universe full of energy and emotions.

“Amongst us today, lie future leaders, change-makers, and stars ready to shine bright.”

It is the day where seniors and juniors finally bond and unite to celebrate being part of the college. Seniors were welcomed with the so much of enthusiasm which was organized by their dearest juniors in the Multipurpose Hall.Light is considered as very sacred and a symbol of prosperity, in the same way as sunlight not only dispels the darkness of night, but it also brings blessings and happiness into our lives. The inauguration of event started by kindling the lamp along with the blessings of goddess Saraswathi by our dignitaries and staff members. The event was structured as lightening of lamp followed by, as it is said that Lord Ganesh clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life and when it comes to students of GIAST they never miss a single chance to take such blessings and opening act of Ganesh Vandana dance was performed by student for thesame. Further recitation of poem to welcome our dearest Freshers, solo dances, group dance and various rounds for the title of ‘’Ms. FAREWELL.’’

1. Ms. Farewell Vanshikha Sharma

2. First Runner Up Kirti Singh

3. Second Runner Up Tanya

YOU are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars. You belong here. Same way our hall was illuminated by our dearest seniors, gracing the occasion by their tremendous styles, and showcasing their talents.

Let the music guide your steps and the laughter unite us as we celebrate the end of something great.”

Farewell party was all about creating everlasting relationships with each other. The event was an indication of union among the students. Pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot-tapping music, set the mood of the party right. The excitement augmented to a joyful high as performances graced the stage. The dance floor was left open for some unbridled energy. Joy and happiness could be seen among students. Such an amazing event could not be even successful without the help of each member of student committee and participants.

“Happy Journey. You are now on a ship that sails you in a new voyage of opportunities and career establishments. Good luck on your new journey. May success always be with you.

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