Extempore on theme ‘Current Affairs’

Extempore on theme ‘Current Affairs’

We at Gitarattan institute of Advanced studies and training is a learning community where each is free to be and grow towards the realization of his or her highest human potential through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body. Our teachers work round the clock to identify talents and brings out the best in every student.To cater this need, GIAST organised a co-curricular activity “EXTEMPORE” on the theme ‘Current Affairs” on 16.02.24 to enable the teaching skill.

Liberty House

Students from both B.Ed and D.EL.Ed of Liberty house took active participation.Extempore  allows the person to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and that no one loses interest in the middle of a talk due to a lack of extempore topic understanding.The activity witnessed participation from students participants show confidence and fluency in expressing their views on current affairs to social issues. The topics assigned to them were rich in content and they demonstrate it with good examples Participants manage their time well and maintained good eye contact with the audience and engage the m effectively. 

After careful evaluation by teachers the following participants were declared winners based on their performances. 


1.Sree Lakshmi for her confidence and ability to persuade the audience with her thoughts .

2.Swati for articulate delivery and insightful analysis of the topic assigned. 

3 Megha for her engaging presentation and effective use of persuasive technique.

 Integrity House 

Students participated enthusiastically, each receiving a topic on a chit.They were divided into four groups, each with a representative articulating the group's viewpoint. The event showcased the students' exceptional command over language, thoughtful nature, and their ability to address important questions and propose .


1st.Sakshi garg (Viksit Bharat)

2nd Simran (Water pollution)

3rd Tipsha madan (NEP 2020 pillar)

Fraternity House

The objective of CCA was to enhance the subject knowledge in the area of current affairs. The event has given a platform to the students to improve their communication skills and critical thinking.The activity began by random distribution of students in groups of 8 and each group picked a topic, where in had an opportunity of 30seconds to put in order the thoughts before speaking on the topic for 2 minutes.


Ist .Disha (069)Ist year B.Ed

2.Mousami (063)IInd year B.Ed.

3.Kanika (052)Ist year B.Ed.

Equality house

This was an informative activity which led to brainstorming of students with innovative view points.In this extempore activity group C which stood the first who shared enlightening points on ADULT EDUCATION, followed by group B on the topic- G-20 and at last group A who had shared their view points on NEP-2020.This was a great activity to explore and learn all the ideas from different perspectives. It was conducted in a cordial manner and a cooperative environment was created and learn all the ideas from different perspectives of individuals. This activity was conducted in a cordial manner and a cooperative environment was created.


1st- Ishita (B.ed) 2 nd - Pragati (B.Ed)3rd- Tannu ( D.el.ed)

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