The workshop on Block Printing and Tie and Dye was organized for B.Ed. second year students on 19 th March,2024 with the aim of enhancing their creativity, practical skills, and knowledge of traditional textile techniques. The resource person for the day was         Ms. Usha Hooda. The workshop provided hands-on experience and theoretical insights into the art of block printing and tie and dye.


Workshop Activities:

1. Introduction to Block Printing:

The workshop began with an overview of block printing techniques, tools, and materials. Participants learned about different types of blocks, patterns, and printing methods.

2. Hands-on Block Printing:

Students were given the opportunity to practice block printing on fabric using traditional wooden blocks and fabric dyes. They experimented with different designs, colors, and patterns to create their own unique pieces.

3. Tie and Dye Demonstration:

An expert demonstrated various tie and dye techniques such as crumple, spiral, and shibori. Participants  learned how to prepare the fabric, tie it in different ways, and apply dyes to create intricate patterns.

4. Tie and Dye Practical Session:

Students tried their hand at tie and dye by creating their own designs on fabric. They explored color combinations, folding techniques, and dye application methods to produce visually appealing results.

5. Discussion and Reflection:

The workshop concluded with a discussion on the significance of traditional textile crafts in contemporary education and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Participants shared their experiences, challenges faced, and lessons learned during the workshop.

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