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Dussehra Celebration

Date: 14 October, 2021
One of the prominent Indian festivals is Dussehra, also known as Durga Puja and Vijayadashami, in different parts of the country. This year, Dussehra is celebrated on October 15 and for ages, it has been the festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Eco Club: Green Good Deeds: Seed Germination

According to our Hindu scriptures, barley was the first crop after the beginning of creation, so whenever goddesses are worshipped, barley is offered in the havan. It is said to down barley sprouts do not grow in two to three days. It is more than a miracle how seeds sprout in less than Nine Days.

Maha Navmi Celebration - Work and Education: Dandiya Decoration

Navratri is celebrated in different regions of India in different ways. Navratri and Garba go parallel, one cannot be complete without Dance and enthusiasm with colorful outfits that are special features of Garba along with special Dandiya. In the North West – Especially in the state of Gujrat...

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