Success Story

Ayushi Goel
B.ED. 2017-19

It was a great experience at GIAST. I personally learned a lot and also groomed my overall personality in 2 years. I am very thankful for the school they allotted to us. The workshops organised by GIAST were very fruitful. All the lectures by Dr. S.K. Bhatia were worthy to attend. And a big thanks to our faculty as well.

Nupur Jain
B.ED. 2017-19

My experience at GIAST was marvellous. The infrastructure here and all the staff, faculties were amazing. Faculties were so skilled, cooperative and empathetic. These two years have definitely inculcated in my determination and confidence.

Bhawna Mehra
B.ED. 2017-19

My experience at GIAST was very nice and the faculty were also very great with the students. Overall experience was amazing.

Anshu Sapra
B.ED. 2016-18

I thank the institute and the faculty for all the efforts put in by them, along with the perseverance and right moves have paid off finally. All my batch mates are doing well in their respective jobs which reflect the quality of students the institute has enculcated.

Meenakshi Mukherjee
B.ED. 2017-19

It was great to be a part of GIAST. The institute taught a lot to be a good teacher. During the period of my stay in the institute, it provided me with many workshops and seminar. Continous tips by the teachers were given to improve as a teacher. I believe the institute will deliver good teachers in future too. Wishing the teachers and management “All the Best”

Vidisha Narula
B.ED. 2017-19

Throughout my 2 years of B.Ed. at GIAST, I had countless opportunities to develop leadership skills and proactive thinking through various programs and events. The institute also organised several lectures, workshops and conferences that contributed in grooming my personality and boosting my confidence. I am thankful to the teaching faculty for their continuous guidance and support as helped me in brushing my skills and to achieve my goals in life.

Khushboo Goyal
B.ED. 2017-19

It was a great exposure for me towards attaining the maximum that I can get. It provided me with the basis to set my career as a teacher and evolve in the best way.

Diksha Girotra
B.ED. 2017-19

Studying at GIAST was a good and new experience in my life. This degree has also given me new dimension to life, as I got more disciplined and sincere towards life. Faculty was also very helpful and nice.

Sakshi Bhardwaj
B.ED. 2017-19

Two years at GIAST were an absolutely unforgettable time in my life. I grew up as an individual and learn to interact with people. At GIAST every teacher is an inspiring personality. They teach students but are willing to learn more. I learnt to express in positive manner which is very essential for a teacher. This college has developed in me the quality of hard work, discipline, leadership and so on. It is a best college to join and experience the best teacher education course.

Barkha Anand
B.ED. 2017-19

GIAST believes in providing an enriching experience of teaching to its students right from the day of induction till the last day of farewell, students are trained to become the version of themselves. The faculty members work really hard on our overall development and help us in enhancing our skills. They provide various opportunities to boost our confidence level and guide us to become not only empathetic teachers but also women of substance.

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