“The object of basic education is the physical, intellectual and moral development of  children through the medium of handicraft.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

An excursion is a trip usually made for educational purpose. The students Bachelor of
Education of GIAST went to DASTKAR on 15th March,2024 .The aim of excursion
was to aware the students regarding handicrafts. In addition travelling as a team,
visiting new places, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures weaves
brings such memorable moments in a student’s life that molds the pupil’s mind in the
right way. 

To know the unknown and to see the unseen – is the eternal curiosity of human
beings. This curiosity is to be fulfilled by a pleasurable trip to the heart of maker of
pretty things. At educational excursions travel and learning go hand in hand. The
world becomes our classroom and the lifeless black letters printed in our textbooks
come alive in front of our eyes. Excursion is an essential part of education which
increases and supplements our knowledge. This excursion was aimed to increase pupil
teachers aesthetic sensibility and make them aware about the different artisans of

ABOUT THE PLACE OF VISIT- Dastkar is a private not-for-profit NGO established
in 1981, working to support traditional Indian craftspeople, many of them women and
village based, with the objective of helping craftspeople regain their place in the
economic mainstream, in a country where the craft sector is second only to agriculture
in providing employment. It assists craftspeople through support service activities
such as capacity building workshops, skills training, collaborative design innovation
and product development; helping them transform traditional skills into products that
have contemporary appeal, thereby providing craft communities with a source of
permanent employment and sustained earning. It provides marketing platforms to
craftspeople, thereby empowering the crafts community to bypass exploitative
middlemen and directly operate in the market.
Currently on-going Bazaar was BONANZA which brought together craftspeople,
producer groups, environmental organisations, social activists & cultural performers
with urban consumers, students, and international buyers.
Owing to the presence of a rich and cultural heritage of design inspiration, exquisite
skillful craftsmen, and plenty of raw materials, Indian artisans despite the industrial
and technological revolutions, hold their position in today’s competitive world. I
Handcrafted jewellery, hand-printed textiles and scarves, embroidered and crocheted
homeware, hand-knotted rugs, Indian silks, shawls, leather and a large variety of
household and decorative items were available some of the most popular crafts are
also exported from India to other countries.
Dastkar one such platform that is making every possible effort to showcase the works
of these artists and popularize Indian crafts based on their rich cultural and historical

heritage and sustainability. Most of the Indian crafts are produced with 100% eco-
friendly techniques with minimum wastes and play an important role in protecting the degenerating environment. 

On concluding remark, Excursion trips provide students with a chance to think
creatively and critically about the things they see and experience. This helps students
develop their critical thinking skills and become more innovative learners. It also gave
students a break from the traditional classroom setting and allowed them to learn in a
more fun and interactive way. This will also help the pupil teachers to involve and
aware in their teaching profession and keep them engaged and motivated to learn
more about Indian craftsmen and their work.

“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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