Environmental Issues: Awareness and Sensitization

Environmental Issues: Awareness and Sensitization

Topic: Environmental Issues: Awareness and Sensibility

Date: 15th March 2022

Venue: Auditorium

Time: 02:00 pm – 03:00 pm


We are a part of the environment and the environment is a part of us. This ongoing cycle between the mankind and environment has been successfully coming to its very viable existence with needed boons and banes. Environment and every living or non-living creature within it plays a significant role in representing itself in the finest manner of acknowledgment and is very much entitled to be preserved and cherished to the fullest.

Gitarattan Institute of Advanced Studies and training organized an extension15th march 2022 to enlighten and sensitize the students of the B.ED on environmental issues.  

The lecture was taken by the commendable speaker and head of the CBSE affiliated & renowned school, Ms. D. Anupama. Ms. D talked about the various aspects of the environment significantly throwing light on different kinds of pollution prevailing and obnoxiously affecting and around the surrounding within the society nauseating mankind with the vigorous effects of ill practices being performed by mankind itself. Ma’am has a total of 32 years of experience in the teaching sector along with an M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Chemistry. The overall focus and profound point of discussion were to enable student-teachers to the importance of awarding and promoting education regarding environmental issues. These issues are a prominent result of all the activities been performed by mankind within the environment and only it is in the hands of mankind to sustainably use and re-use the limited resources present within the society to exercise the proclaimed access to the presence of environmental assets in and around them. She also shared some consequential information regarding the greenhouse effect and how it leads to acid rain and other hazardous eruptions affecting the environment at an alarming rate.

Unintentionally or intentionally it does lead to sufferance, not just in the present context but in the subsequent near future. She emphasizes individual participation by saying "It is our duty and fundamental responsibility to protect our mother nature and involve in practices that not only protect the integrity and peaceful livelihood on this planet but lead to a beautiful future of continuation in the name of evolution and survival."

It was an intriguing and engaging lecture. The active participation of spectators made the lecture successful.

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